Meet our instructors

As the world changes, knowledge is more valuable than ever. Instructors have a noble calling that shapes the future by imparting knowledge. Consider joining us as an instructor to connect with other passionate educators and help shape the next generation  through knowledge

Dorian Lane MD


Dr. Stefan Vogt

Assistant Professor

Emily Soprano MD

Assistant Professor

Dr. Hans Muller MD

Senior Anesthesiologist 

Dr. Ben Wakuchonga MD

Snr. Haematologist

Dr. Courtney Horgen


Dr James Cooper

Assistant Professor

Dr. Esther Howard

Assistant Professor

Dr. Esther Li


Dr. Carlos Hernandez

Assistant Professor

Dr. Jane Cooper

Assistant Professor

Dr. Esther Howard

Assistant Obstretician

Dr. Devon James


Gina Harnandez MD

Assistant Professor

Dr. Chris Cooper MD

Ear Nose and Throat MD

Ron Howard MD


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